And, for those of you keeping track, everything is basically fine with Hermes and me. As much as we are really alike and have a lot of humor and values in common and he adores me and treats me super special, we have all of the usual relationship stuff that everybody has. So, don’t worry. Things are cool. We are stable. We are both pretty frickin’ self-aware and are excellent communicators. We’ll work it out. We are each just learning that the other one doesn’t read minds and so we have to articulate a lot more of our inner process than we are used to in order to make sure that what we communicate is what we mean.

Press on.


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  1. Don’cha hate it when you get to that stage in a relationship where everything is so wonderful you lapse over into that fairy tale thing where you don’t have to do any work? Like actually telling the other person what you want? It’s kinda like when I’m playing the guitar and everything’s going so well I forget to move my hands. Whoops! Actually have to keep doing it! lol

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