Mercury Retrograde Update

Me Likey Me No Likey
Friday Enjoyed my job more than I have in months Dog peed on himself in his sleep. Again.
Got to watch a bunch of 12-14 year olds have more fun in two hours at a school dance than most people have in 2 months. Here’s the image I can offer you: pack behavior. Car overheated.
I brought up something that bugged me with Hermes. It turned into a bigger deal than I had anticipated it would be.
    Frozen Dead Guy Days

  • Weather – Perfect winter day! Snowed all day, big fat flakes, no wind, I had 4 layers of clothes on.
  • Friends – Hermes, Fran, and Michelle were great company as always.
  • Ran into a couple of friends I haven’t seen in years. One was the Ice King!
  • Cryonics Parade – Hearses carrying skeletons and tricked out for drag racing. People strangely dressed.
  • Polar Plunge – Hermes did the deed! He said the worst part was the ice that formed on his feet when he was streaking in nothing but his wet undies from the “swimming hole” (cut in the ice) to the fireplace up in the picnic pavilion. The announcer said his was probably the fastest exit ever. 🙂
  • Coffin Races – Costumed pallbearers carry one rider in a coffin-shaped box, racing around a snow covered playground obstacle course. My favorites were The Vikings (Carrying spears, dressed in horned helmets, pelts and Helga braids, their coffin had a dragon/lizard for a figurehead on the bow.) And The Low-riders (They faked like their coffin had hydraulics for the front up, back up, back down, front down trick.)
  • Dinner and a viewing of “Grandpa’s Still in the Tuffshed.”
  • Photos are here.
I missed out on my last chance for the Hildegard von Bingen choral concert.
The new anti-dementia drugs are working! My dog did not pee on himself for the first time in I don’t know when!
Dog did not pee on himself! Car overheated. Again.
Missed most of the talk on Violent Texts in Sacred Scriptures (which is why Hermes and I were driving to Denver in the first place.
More communications snags with Hermes

Really got into what I was doing at work. Took the work home to do more and realized that I hadn’t properly saved what I had done and had lost everything.

A friend at work, who reads my blog and knows that I’ve been having a hard time lately, left me a vase of carnations on my desk. Nearly missed a meeting I didn’t know I had. Lost my temper with myself.
Recovered my work. Got some more done. Got really into it. Hermes brought me dinner and was in a relaxed, positive mood. I worked until 2 AM because I was so into what I was doing.

Woke up with a cold and still a pile of work to do.
Stayed in bed, worked from home, and by 7:30 PM was convinced it was a masterpiece
Thursday Met with my group at work and put finishes touches on the document I had been editing. (Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing: writing, writing, writing. Technical stuff, but it’s still writing. Now you see why I was so into it?)
Rested. Got my teeth cleaned. Talked motorcycles with my hygenist. Cooked dinner with Hermes. Enjoyed his enthusiasm about cooking with me. Danced tango socially for the first time in way too long.

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