Upcoming weekend fun

Here’s another reason why I love living where I do.

Where else do the locals make a whole festival out of celebrating their own cryogenically frozen Norwegian? You don’t know what I’m talking about? Stop by this weekend and watch the documentary for free. I, for one, am looking forward to Cryonics Parade led by the newly crowned Ice Queen, the Coffin Races, the Polar Bear Plunge for charity, and the Brain Freeze slurpee contests. Oh, and a local yoga studio is running a special class that day just to celebrate the “corpse pose”.


7 thoughts on “Upcoming weekend fun

  1. PGI graduate 2002

    I live in Littleton. Would love to chat since you are in Boulder. Got my MA in Counseling Psych. Miss PGI (standing on the hill and looking out to the ocean, the conversations, feminine, mysticism, dreams), miss CA (diversity, energy, free spirit, friends), but happy to be home now after being gone 20+ years. I’ve gotten so far away from the Pacifica conversation, been fighting migraines for years, I feel I’m forgetting…I’ve forgotten so I can’t even say what I’m missing! I have a private practice in my home and I focus on the Coaching model, combining it with the Depth stuff, especially working with women, parenting, relationships. Works well, I’m just learning to market.

    just learning this live journal stuff. email me WiseConsult4u@msn.com

    • Re: PGI graduate 2002

      Hi, Elaine. You wrote me back in March and somehow your email got buried in the flurry of information that is my life.

      Yes, it’d be lovely to have another local PGI connection. You might also like to check out and . They are also PGI’ers.

      Although my coursework is done, I am flying out regularly this year for Lionel Corbett’s workshop series (“Beyond Traditional Religion”).

      I hereby “friend” you. I hope you find livejournal to be a rich space through which to share your inner world.

      • Re: PGI graduate 2002

        not able to get into live journal lately. still another thing to learn! Lionel Corbett!! oh, tell me about it!!! I would have loved to have done that course. He was wonderful as an instructor.

        hope to chat more! elaine

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