More from the “Ashamed to Be a Member of the Human Race” department

I forget who said it, but I remember learning once that if you ever want to gauge the level of economic disenfranchisment in society just look at the level of anti-semitism and hatred of gays in the underclass.

News story: Organized gang of disaffected and poor French underclass kidnap and brutally torture young, Parisian Jewish man for nearly one month. He lives, only to drag his mutilated body out of the woods by crawling and die near a Bagneux train station. Don’t read this story while eating. I about vomited. In fact, you may not want to read this story at all.

* Access to story is by registration with the NY Times. It’s free and totally worth it and they don’t annoy you with solicitations afterwards.

What is it with reactionary small-mindedness in France? I can’t help look at this and then remember, on the anti-immigrant side, Le Pen keeps resurfacing with suprising support in French politics. Is there something in the water over there? I’m not saying Americans are exceptionally enlightened either, but I just gotta wonder what’s going on when the same kinds of sentiments keep coming out of the same places.


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