More on retrograde

I found some handy info here that some of you astrology buffs might find interesting. Here’s a paraphrase:

Retrograde is not necessarily a period of unpleasantness. It is a slowing down and intensification of whatever sign and house it is in. The house will vary according to your birth chart, I believe. But, for everyone, Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces in the upcoming month. (Maybe you informed readers could say something here about what Pisces means.) Since all backward movement symbolizes a return to source, retrogrades can be rich times in which to attend to our inner perceptions and reconnect with the spiritual source of our thoughts. This introversion can bring about a critical purification process that can help us gain new insights based on prior knowledge.

All this makes me curious about the effects of this in my life. I was born with 4 planets in retrograde: Mercury, Jupiter (which is also currently in retrograde), Uranus, and Pluto.

BTW, if anyone is looking for their birthchart, you can get a graphical version here. You have to know the city where you were born and the date and time. The time is important because the rising sign changes every two hours. And if you guess and get the wrong rising sign, it throws all of your houses off and so you might be interpreting certain archetypal forces to be at work in your relationships when they are really about your job or some such things.


2 thoughts on “More on retrograde

  1. Huh.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens in November, when Mercury is retro in Scorpio.

    (I’m scorpio sun, scorpio rising, libra moon, btw.)

    That was an interesting article – thanks for posting!

    BTW, do you know what “true node” means? In my chart, Saturn and “true node” are retrograde; everything else is direct.

  2. Oy. My sun is in Pisces. We tend to be a confused lot, so maybe one of the other signs can explain us ;).

    The info about retrograde times reminded me of what my former Priestess (who was something of an astrology expert) says about Saturn returns – they have a bad rap. These times are really about incredible opportunities. The catch is that you have to have the courage to get up off your tuckus and go after them.

    I’d liken that to what you said about retrograde. Introspection and internal change is something a lot of people rarely if ever do, oftentimes not acknowledging that the need for such change even exists.

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