Mercury Retrograde: March 2-25

OK, since I’m trying to learn this stuff and since I was born during Mercury Retrograde, here’re a few tidbits that I’ve cobbled together thus far. Feel free to add to or correct.

Mercury is the planet that is most associated with the mind. It is the archetype of thought, communication, and the ability to make sense of things, articulate them, make them intelligible. (Think of Mercury’s Greek counterpart Hermes from whom the word hermeneutics, the art of interpreting hidden meaning, derives.) Mercury is the muse that gives rise to creative genius or, in times of retrograde, the playful trickster and teacher.

Starting tomorrow through March 25, Mercury is in retrograde. Of course, from an astronomical perspective, that Mercury appears to be moving backwards in the sky is an optical illusion (kind of like the feeling that you are rolling backwards at a stop light when it’s really that the car next to you is rolling forward). Astrologically, retrograde can be a confusing time of misunderstandings and differing view points. Communication may require a lot more effort and the understandings that are established during this period may turn out to be simply transient.

However, if you were born during Mercury retrograde, this is your time. You are likely one of those people who have always thought about things differently anyway. For you, Mercury energy is generally intensified and tends to flow inward (for example, used for reflection and insight rather focused into outer relationships). You may prefer to learn by absorbtion rather than study. And when Mercury goes into retrograde, you enter a period of potential for increased mental clarity and focus. Enjoy.

If you know whether Mercury was in retrograde or not when you were born, I’ll be curious to hear, come April, how you experienced the last month in terms of thought, articulation, insight, communication, and the like.


7 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde: March 2-25

  1. That’s interesting! Do you know where one can find out if mercury was in retrograde at a time of birth? Is there a website, with it all laid out in a handy-dandy fashion? 🙂

      • I went there, but get this: they used to do a text-based synopsis of your birth chart; now, I’m just getting the drawing, which I don’t understand the meanings of, of course.

        I can email you the image, but if you know of a way to get the text version? If not, I’ll send you the image, and see if you can at least tell me if mercury was retrograde.


      • OH wait – I found it. They call it a “portrait” now…

        Okay, I have to read this, more as I know it!

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