LJ Babes

I know many of you are just dying for the results of yesterday’s photo quiz. So,

Back row: ,
Front row: , ,

And here’s one more photo because it’s just so darn cute. Look who turned out to be long lost twins:

Congrats to for a 100% score.

7 thoughts on “LJ Babes

  1. OMG did you and Di call each other beforehand, with the blue chunky scarves and tan jackets? You guys are so cute!

    I admit I had an advantage – I know 3 of the 5 in person. 🙂

  2. Great to SEE you…

    I have been mesmerized by my wonky eyeball since you posted the pic last night. On my old imac at home, one iris looks almost non-existant. On my screen here at work, it’s existant but much smaller than the other one.

    (It’s an interesting metaphor, actually, because I have been struggling with how people see me vs. how I see me, being seen, etc.)

    That Bobsey twin pic is AWESOME. You two are too cute for words.

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