From the Pay It Forward department …

Well, ain’t that the most thoughtful thing.

A friend here at work just gave me a gift certificate for a massage. His wife was diagnosed with some seriously bad cancer last year and immediately started aggressive treatment on it with experimental drugs. A bunch of their friends organized around the family to help with meals and child care and chores and moral support. I started (and still manage) a Yahoo! group so that the family could send out messages to everyone on the support team, sharing news, requesting meals and other kinds of help on a daily basis, etc.

The last round of radiation (we hope) was yesterday and she is doing much, much better than initially imagined. They celebrated yesterday and have started giving out gift certificates for massages to the folks who were especially active in family support.

I never expected anything in return. But it’s a nice reminder that I do do a lot of things for others and that I get a lot out of that. This whole last year, I’ve been realizing that service and generosity are a foundational parts of my personal make-up. And makes me question even more, what in the hell am I doing sitting by myself in a cubicle all day, speaking to hardly anyone, doing something that has no meaning for me?


2 thoughts on “From the Pay It Forward department …

  1. Yes! I am coming to the same realization lately. My life seems so much more meaningful when I am helping people, yet a sit in an office with flourescent lighting for a majority of my day. I’m trying to figure out now what to do about that.

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