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Had a lovely night out on Thursday with LA LJ babes. I’ll post a pic later. Thanks, , , , and , for accomodating my schedule and coming out to play late on a school night. , it was really wonderful to see you and renew our connection on the physical plane. And thanks for your warm hospitality and for staying up late, doing the girly sleepover late night chat thing. Big thanks to for being her naturally generous, helpful self and hauling her ass out of bed at the crack of dawn to drive me to Santa Monica before going back and getting herself ready for work.

I had “school” this weekend up at Pacifica. For those of you that don’t know, I’m doing a non-degree workshop series on exploring the concept and experience of non-duality in religion, psychology, and science. Saturday, we did dream analysis and the group worked a dream of mine for about 2 1/2 hours. Honestly, I don’t really think we got to the core of the dream. But nevertheless, I appreciated all of the attention and help, and I felt like I got some added juice on re-engaging with my sense of purpose and the importance of finding alignment with that in my work. As one woman pointed out, I seem to have a classic “Aquarius, Leo Rising” problem. Aquarius has the need to use her mind and be original and do something meaningful, but Leo has the need for recognition (which I feel really ambivalent about). More on that later as I’ve decided to go get an astrological reading on Sunday from an astrologer I really trust.

I have mixed feelings about my workshop. I like it and feel like I’m supposed to be there. But it’s frustrating to hang in a space which is supposedly about experiencing the non-dual but where so many people have a need to engage others on the level of their personalities. I know, it’s all one. And all that matters is the present moment. But I have a hard time being conscious of Consciousness itself when there’s so much personal talk about the past. I prefer to keep that ego stuff in the places where egos are really useful and fun, like in friendships.

3 thoughts on “Random bits

    • It’s Lionel Corbett’s “Beyond Traditional Religion” series (formerly known as “Psyche and the Sacred”). Pat Katsky is actually one of the workshop participants.

      Funny that you all would be talking about enneagrams lately and that it has come on my radar screen as well. We didn’t do enneagrams when I went through her Jungian Psych class. We just stuck to MBTI.

      Looking forward to reading your Jung post.

      And thanks for the note on the link. I think I’ve fixed it now.

      • We’re doing MBTI in Developmental and Pat mentioned enneagrams which got me reinterested in them and then I found out did one with her therapist while I was at Pacifica. Wacky. We, btw, really dig Patsky.

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