Subversion or submission?

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Jerry Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh — two of the founding members of DEVO — have either completely sold out or are taking the concept of de-evolution to is next logical level by teaming with Disney Records to produce DEV2.0 — DEVO reincarnated as telegenic kids.

Described as “a strange, Corporate-Feudal experiment that attempts to bring the original DEVO music sensibility to children in the 5 to 8 year old demographic range,” DEV2.0 is five energy-domed kids between the ages of 10-13 whose first offering is a CD featuring ten old DEVO songs and 2 brand new ones — “Cyclopse” and “The Winner” — heavily edited by Mothersbaugh and Casale….

Please someone tell me how to feel about this.


4 thoughts on “Subversion or submission?

  1. A friend of mine with kids had forwarded me to the Disney site where they’re pushing “Devo 2.0”. On one hand, it’s great these kids are obviously playing their own instruments and seem talented enough, and yeah, kids have to have something of their own to listen to. But that’s just it: why can’t they have something of THEIR OWN? Why does it seem like the music of my childhood (and teenhood) are suddenly fair game for anybody who wants to make a buck (including the original authors of it). I mean, I loved Beatle records, but not by a tiny version of the Beatles. I did just fine listening to the real deal!

    I’m just rambling incoherently now, so I should stop. 😉 Needless to say, I’m not into this…

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