A memory

Wow. On this tape, I’m yelling into the microphone “What’s your serial number?” Then I proceed to explain to my parents that this is what John, from next door, had teasingly asked me and my bestfriend Karen the other day. So, apparently, it was my new favorite phrase because I kept repeating it into the microphone. The thing is … I remember that moment exactly when John said that. I was in my yard. He was crossing the street. I remember trying to figure out in my head what a “cereal” number was. After that, Karen and I would yell this question back at him when we saw him, having no idea what we were saying. 🙂

That’s just wild. The brain doesn’t develop the capacity for long term memory until about age 3, on average. It’s just a strange feeling to have this image suddenly yanked out of the recesses of my brain and now be able to put a date on it. The act of this kind of recall gives me an eery, surreal feeling. This is so cool.


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