Daddy’s Little Girl

Oh my god. This is the cutest thing ever. When I was little, Dad and I just adored each other and goofed around together all the time. He even wrote little poems about how special it was to be with me. Well, I just found out that he also recorded some of our conversations when I was about 2. And lately he has been transferring them from tape to CD and he just sent me a bunch for my birthday.

I just got to the part where Dad wouldn’t let me sit in my preferred chair because I had a proven tendency to smash my fingers by swiveling around in it until I whack them between the chair and the neighboring table. I’m throwing a fit and am inconsolable and keep insistently and angrily changing my mind about what would make it better. And Dad is being so great with me. He didn’t panic. He didn’t blame me. He didn’t get annoyed with my whining. He just talked to me gently about it, explained why things are the way they are, and asked me what I needed to make it better and so on. I’ve got such a great dad. Oh wait, this is too much, he said, “Daddy is going to fix us some lunch.” He just called himself “Daddy”. I love this.

The conversations on the tape seem to go like this, I just chatter on and on, commenting about things in my environment, and whatever I pick he explains to me something about how it works and why it is the way it is. He just hangs with me, wherever my attention goes (to the dog outside to the chair to the weather and so on).

Oh, now, my Dad is taking on the voice of one of my stuffed animals and I’m interviewing him on the tape. “Hi, how are you today?!? Do you like to be loved?!? Do you like to be kissed?!? Do you like to be TICKLED?!? What else do you do?” and he’s answering as if he were Elmer Fudd in his best Elmer Fudd accent. And I’m giggling and giggling and giggling. I’m not even 2 years old. Cutest. Thing. Evah.

Sorry, Dad. I hope I’m not embarrassing you. This is too good not to share. ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. mp3’s please. ( you know,.. so we can .. er.. confirm the cuteness).
    or… cut it up and put it into the latest dance techno track that will sure to be a hit in Denmark next year. hehehehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The days of audio taping were good, good days. My dad has a reel-to-reel of the two of us performing the Mel Brooks/Marlo Thomas baby sketch from Free to be You and Me… I was probably 6, it was the first script I ever memorized, and I remember it to this day…

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