People in love …

And I’m not talking about just me. The weekend was fabulous. Hermes and I spent the whole weekend together. I mean, the whole weekend. And we still like each other and even plan to do it again next weekend. So, you gotta know right there that he’s an easy-going, good guy to put up with me and my moods and quirks.

Friday afternoon, I stopped in to ‘s going away party from work. When I get back to the office in February, he won’t be my neighbor anymore. I’m glad for him, sad for me. The fist pic is him and me. The second is him and his longtime girlfriend who he has been falling in love with all over again lately.

Hermes and I went down to the Denver Art Walk to check out his best friend’s paper sculpture installation and the other alternative haute couture spectacles.

We wandered through a couple of art galleries in the neighborhood. Danced in an empty store front to whatever was on the speakers. Then we headed off to the Santa Fe Ave art galleries where we ran into the Pyrot Bus (also known as the Art Bus). It’s a party bus. The windows are blacked out, the seats have been removed except two long benches on the sides so there’s a place to dance, the indoors is decorated with string lights, and the top is caged in. (You can ride on top if you want. And from time to time, they make a bonfire on top of the bus and fire spinners perform.) Entrance is $10 or free if you are in costume. (For some reason, they let me on for free. Go figure.) On the 1st Friday of every month, starting around 5 PM, the bus does the art gallery circuit in Denver and at every stop, crazy people pour out and grace the galleries with their particular brand of travelling “atmosphere” and eat up the free food and drinks. We didn’t join them this weekend, but we’re gonna have to go back and make an evening of it sometime.

Except for Hermes’ bestfriend’s stuff, we didn’t see any art that particularly grabbed us. So, we headed over to the Denver Performing Arts Complex and goofed around with the camera at the humongo sculpture of the dancing Q-Tip People.

Saturday was a day for sleeping in and lolling around. We ate a big breakfast at a local diner and hung out at the coffee shop where he’s such a regular that he keeps a tab and then just goes around behind the counter and pours his own java. That makes me cool by association. Then we went for a windy hike and chilled out for the afternoon. Saturday night, we drank wine, made a take-n-bake pizza, and fell asleep in front of a movie. What a tiring day. 🙂

Sunday, we dressed like we had class and went back to Denver and crashed the “jazz brunch” birthday party of the mom of some friends of ours. It was live jazz, mimosas, and all-you-can-eat-everything. And we had a fun time with our friends and their groovy parents. (And if you just aren’t feelin’ the love from this weekend yet, then you’ll be tickled to note that our friends are getting ready to adopt a baby from China who we loosely voted should be named Shinaynay Rennay Mamay. I know, it’s only funny if you were there. Nevermind.) I think our friends enjoyed our unexpected contribution to the celebration.

Then I promptly went into a food coma which we waited out by looking through tattoo magazines and reading books for free at the Tattered Cover bookstore in Lo Do. Then it was back to his place for play time with his cat before he got to meet K (my ex-housie) and her boyfriend J at dinner. And guess what?

They got engaged yesterday! They went skiing during the day (in a foot of fresh powder oh yeah). He had already scoped out the slope that he wanted to do it on. And he wore his telemarker skis so that he’d be able to bend down on one knee. They are so happy and excited. Here’s a picture from dinner with them last night. That’s her new ring on her finger …

Back to thesis writing now.


4 thoughts on “People in love …

  1. Here’s my suggestion for a bit o’ soundtrack for your current falling in love,.. John Legend; Lifted. You’ll like it. I know I do… so,.. therefore you will.. simply by sheer will o’ the cosmos… and yes I realize I’m tempting the cosmos with that statement… and you just might hate it.. but whatever.. I’m part of the cosmos so it should work.. right? 🙂 ({back to the subject at hand…}Unless of course you already have the album.. and know of him already..but.. whatever.. I’m at work and brain dead.. so jealous of your little break … eeesh this is a really long parenthetical aside… do you have lots of parenthetical asides in your thesis? Just wondering.. procrastinate?.. me ?.. what?.. Tech requirements ?… what?.. )

    • Heh, heh. Thanks. Say, we were in your neighborhood on Saturday, hanging out at the Cannon Mine and eating at the diner up the street. I was tempted to drop by but didn’t want to surprise you and J in your jammies.

    • My my, that’s quite some sway you have with the cosmos. I do like it. Thanks. And although I have a tendency ramble (and, by that I mean, indulge in big words just because I like to impress myself and hear myself talk) and therefore need to decorate my writing with many punctuation marks in order to be accurately understand (if you catch my meaning), no, I don’t have many parenthetical asides in my thesis (other than the ones I find absolutely necessary or just aesthetically appealing). 🙂 I footnote instead.

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