A Wee Update …

It has been crazy windy here and apparently some of the cable lines are down. Currently, I have no internet or phone at home. So, I’ll make this a quick update.

All is well here. The writing is going slowly but it’s going. I think it’ll be a good thesis since each piece seems to build naturally on the previous one.

Things are going even better with Hermes. I could make a long list of the things I admire and respect about him. But, in short, he’s fantastic. 🙂 We have a LOT in common. We compliment each other so well. And our pacing seems to match each other’s dead on. I’m just amazed at how easy our relationship is and how relaxed I am.

Sorry to not have commented to your posts, friends, or replied to emails. Between falling in love and having no internet and trying to write this thesis, I’m a bit behind. I plan to get back to you–and the two new folks who blessedly gave me some thesis ideas here a few days ago–thanks! More soon.


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