Weekend Redux

It has been a great few days.

On Thursday, after an afternoon of more thesis work, Hermes and I made a lovely dinner and a fabulous mess in the kitchen. We’re still working our way through all of the rum balls and fudge my folks sent for the holidays. Thankfully, I haven’t seemed to gain any weight since the sweets arrived. So, I’m doing good pacing myself this year (and hopefully won’t have to go to some 3rd world country to pick up a digestive parasite again in order finally lose holiday pounds).

Friday, I got some more writing done. I think I’m about done with the “Loneliness in Philosophy” piece of my thesis, which I imagine will have turned out to be one of the hardest to write because there is so much background reading and referencing involved. Now, I’m on to the “symbolism of suicide” section. Somewere in there, I also learned a new song on the guitar and rented a snowboard for the next day.

Saturday, we headed up to A-Basin for a half-day skiing/riding with a few of his friends. The rental equipment worked out great. I was able to fit the customized bladders from my old racing boots into the rental boots and I got a nice, stiff speed board. (I’m more of a speed demon than a trick rider.) The snow was great. The mini-moguls were soft. The weather was perfect. And I stuck to blues and found that my technique came back pretty quickly. (I used to snowboard just about every weekend and took lessons and workshops and stuff. I loved the boarding but hated the commute in bad traffic 2 hours each way on dangerous road conditions. And eventually my technique exceeded my physical condition and, if I was going to keep training, I was going to have to start working out. That’s where I drew the line. Snowboarding was supposed to be fun for me. Not work. I haven’t been up in a few years. And I don’t have my old board anymore. So, it was a nice surprise to find that it’s like riding a bicycle.)

Then, Saturday night, we went out to Mikey’s Italian Bistro in Denver for dinner with a bunch of friends. Lots of good conversation and laughs and wine. Then off to see Devotchka at 11 for the New Year’s concert and grand opening of the newly re-renovated Oriental Theater (one of those old movie palaces with heavy red curtains, murals, and an organ). Ho. Ly. Shit. This band is good. I usually don’t like the concert scene. All that second-hand smoke. And crowds. And ear-drum shattering noise. And drunk people. And digusting bathrooms. But this band made it all worth it. Take “The Cure”, remove the synthesizer, add a glockenspiel, tuba, and a theramin, and you’ll get a bit of an idea of the sound. I’m looking forward to seeing them again. We crashed at a hotel just up the road so as to not get entangled with drunk drivers and the New Year’s police road blocks

Sunday, we picked up his motorcycle (which had been in the shop) and went out to dinner with his best friend and his wife. And then it was back to Hermes’ place and watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

I got to meet a lot of his friends over the last week. And I think I got the thumbs-up “good girlfriend” approval from everybody. πŸ™‚ I certainly liked all of them a lot. He has good taste in people.

OK, back to thesis writing. Happy New Year, friends. May 2006 be your best year yet.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Redux

  1. I was in breck yesterday.. the snow was phenom.. traffic wasn’t bad at all. As for your new years devotchka show. They kick some major ass, I’ve been a follower for the last 4 years or so. They opened for my bro’s band several times. (that’s how I was introduced to them) happy new year!

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