The Return

I’m back from my first session in the non-degree program in non-duality in psych, religion, and science. It was wonderful to be back at Pacifica and the weekend gave me the final bit of glue for my thesis and a much-needed correction about relating to myself. I’m really glad to be doing the program. This weekend, I also picked up Rick Tarnas’ new book. The one I’ve been eagerly waiting for for a year or so. And it does not disappoint. I’m salivating over it. It basically gives objective evidence of the interconnectedness of the human psyche, cultural/historical evolution, and cosmic events. And it articulates, in a much more thorough and elegant way, a lot of the stuff I’ve put into my thesis.

And now my sabbatical is over and I’m back at work. First day back. I’m so not excited to be here. I’ve been throwing out papers and wall decorations that I suddenly have decided I don’t need or want anymore.

This morning, I had a dream in which I got in my car for the first time in a while and I pressed the gas and the thing went zooming in reverse so fast that blocks on my childhood street (where I lived from 8 to 17) went whizzing by. The brakes worked but the momentum was too powerful to stop it. I was scared but not terrified. Finally, the car stopped. I think I hit a curve and somehow guided it off the road so no one got hurt. Or maybe I just got lucky. But then, in the dream, there was one thing after another that was just off. More car problems. I think a non-essential piece of it just fell off. And then my boyfriend and I take it to the shop to get it fixed and somehow my car was already on the list to get fixed. Number 3, way ahead of other people who signed in before me. It was really odd and the garage guy thought so too and gave me a look as if I should know more about this than I do.

Anyway, now I’m at work for the first time in 5 weeks, and I went to the kitchen to wash my tea cup–the cup from which I’ve been drinking every work day for the last 7 years, it has Carnegie Hall etched in it and I bought it as a momento of the time I got to sing on stage there–and the thing slipped out of my soapy hand and cracked in half.

Do I smell synchronicity?

Blessings in Disguise

OK, peeps, sorry to be offline this week. It has been a bit hectic since last weekend.

The weekend was, in short, one of the best I’ve ever had. Before I get to the death defying finale involving duct tape and bailing wire, I just want to let you know some of the many ways in which the gods seemed to smile on us at every turn. Here’s the run down … (Warning: I’m only gushing more now about how wonderful my boyfriend is. So, suffer.)

Ain’t love grand?


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1. Thanks, .

2. I dislike olives but love olive oil. I own and religiously rotate through 3 different kinds of shampoo in order to keep my curls bouncy. I’m similarly indulgent and vain about my complexion but it’s not because I think it’s a particularly attractive feature of mine; it’s because I once had a boyfriend who so disliked it that I developed a shame-based neurosis over it that outlasted the boyfriend. If it weren’t for on-time, automatic payments on bills, I’d probably have a pretty crappy credit score by now. It bothers me that if you left me stranded in the woods with a tent, a hardy knife, and a box of matches, I would probably starve or freeze to death.

3. Since most of the folks on my flist have already done this meme, I’m tagging anybody else reading this. Go forth and post.

People in love …

And I’m not talking about just me. The weekend was fabulous. Hermes and I spent the whole weekend together. I mean, the whole weekend. And we still like each other and even plan to do it again next weekend. So, you gotta know right there that he’s an easy-going, good guy to put up with me and my moods and quirks. Pictures behind the cut …