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So, with my new iPaq (which I love, BTW) came some software to convert DVD’s into compressed avi files that I can watch on my iPaq (or on my computer or on a digital TV via my computer). (My iPaq came with an 2 gig compact flash that has all three Matrix movies on it and I am just so, so impressed with the video and audio quality.) This is gonna be so cool. I’ve got a couple handfuls of European region DVD’s that won’t play in American DVD players, but I’ve got my Windows laptop at work configured to play European (which means it won’t play American DVD’s but no biggie because my home laptop plays those).

So, I have now undertaken the process of converting all of my European DVD’s to files that I can play anywhere. Anywhere, I tell you! Bwahaha! This is the way of the future. No more “things” to keep that require dusting and shelf space. Just invisible bits of 0’s and 1’s. Plus, I have a bunch of unused storage space on an external hard drive at home. So, on-line movie library and portable, handheld movie player (great for airplane rides), here I come.

Now, I’m banking on the prices for high definition, digital TV’s to go down in 2006 because the networks are all going to switch over to broadcasting in HD digital come the new year.

Today’s movie ripping: Lola Rennt (a.k.a Run Lola Run) in German with Dutch subtitles. (I can’t make the subtitles turn off, but oh well. Helps me keep up on my feeble grasp of Dutch.) Ye gods, it takes like 5 hours to rip one of these things.


4 thoughts on “gadgets and gizmos

    • Ja. A little. Comes from dating the Dutch guy (Mr. Chapter 6). (The DVD’s were gifts from him.) Although he spoke English, it was taxing for him. Plus, his grammar and vocabulary went to hell whenever he got stressed out. We were talking marriage and so I got tapes and books and started learning.

      I never got past small sentences. But the language is very logical and predictable (unlike English), so it wasn’t hard to get the jist of the written word without much practice.

  1. arrrrrr

    Me matey!
    Yarr!! ’tis good ter have ye aboard.
    yer eye patch an’ parrot be on the starboard
    railin’. Jez be sure to share yer p1r4+3 booty
    me hardy!

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