Vaccine against cervical cancer!

This is really amazing and good news. Now watch the fundies eyes roll back in their heads and start preaching about the evils of vaccinating against a cancer that is caused by a sexually transmitted virus.

Gee, fundie parents, which is the worse sin … letting your child suffer and die from a disease that you intentionally prevented them from getting protected against or risking sending the message that, “someday, you might want to do something as normal and common as have sex and it might even be the right circumstances and your partner might be a carrier and not know it and so you need to learn responsibility and respect for your self”. (Currently, no test is available to detect the virus in men.)


One thought on “Vaccine against cervical cancer!

  1. The vaccine protects “against a very narrow and specific range of STDs,” he concluded, “but that is going to be a hard message to get people to understand.”

    Right. Because everyone thinks that if they get vaccinated against the measles, they’re never going to catch a cold.


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