So shoot me

This has been a supremely shitty day. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been having mroe frequent back muscle cramps which have been waking me up in the middle of the night, keeping me awake, and then causing me to oversleep into my work day. So, I decided it’s time for me to get back to yoga class. So, instead of hibernating and doing my introvert recharge this morning (which I so desperately needed after 2 weeks of non-stop people in my private space), I got up and went to yoga this morning.

I love the way this yoga teacher teaches. She has an excellent sense of timing, insightful imagery, and a calmness about her that gives me a lot of freedom in my practice. The first half hour of the class was absolutely yummy. Then I remembered one of the reasons I had stopped going there: She lets her classes get overfull to the point where we are in each other’s space so much that yoga class feels more like a chaotic game of Twister than it does a centering, personal, inward practice, and she lets people come in late even when the class is overfull and then shoves their mats in places that is an imposition on those around them. So, after a half hour of much needed opening energetically, physically, and as a result emotinally, I slowly got more and more irritable.

And it just built from there.

The universe decided that this would be a good day for it to express its sense of humor. I went to get my legs waxed and my waxer convinced me that since I have so little hair left that I should do electrolysis and she tried just the teensiest bit on me to see how I’d respond and I hated it. As if waxing weren’t enough torture. This was such an icky, invasive feeling that it made me jumpy, and touchy, and nauseous.

Then I headed down to Denver for a lecture, but turns out the exit I needed was closed for construction and then I ended up in the wrong lane for the detour and spent 45 minutes furbling through the shopping district during prime retail time and arriving at every traffic light just as it turned red. The reason that I know that the universe was trying to be funny is because I had gotten so fucking frustrated that, had I come across the highway again before my destination, I would have just got back on and went home fuming. But no. I got there, and even though I was a 1/2 late, it turns out I hadn’t missed a thing because the speaker had only arrived 2 minutes ahead of me due to traffic problems. Hah.

Usually, I would think this is funny. And I would see that the universe was trying to get me to lighten up and laugh at myself. But I had no sense of humor today. Fresh out.

The lecture was good. I eventually found my way back to the highway and got home. I walked in the door only to find that the dog had puked. Except … I didn’t figure this out until I had stepped in it and tracked it through the house.

Now, if I were to stop and analyze all of this, I could see how I was probably inclined to be irritable and that this kind of frustration was just due. However, that kind of analysis usually leads to bad, self-flagellating places. So, I hope you won’t mind if I skip the bullshit attempt to be mature and enlightened and I just say that this day has officially sucked.

I will now attempt to meditate. Or maybe just punch a pillow.


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