When you got it …

So, when I went to the doctor on Friday for the strep, they took my weight. I’m down to 130 with my clothes and shoes on!! Woo hoo. I’ve finally lost the 5-10 pounds I put on during last winter’s “cooking with calories” fest and am back to my normal weight. And then on Saturday night, I was dancing with a partner I’ve been dancing with for probably about 9 months and he asked, “Is there less of you lately?” But don’t look for my diet book any time soon; somehow I don’t think the India bacteria/anxiety diet would be much of a seller. 😉

In honor of my slimmer hips and the changing of the seasons, I did a tour of my favorite resale clothing stores this weekend and came up with a bunch of new outfits for winter for cheap. Woo hoo all over again. Today, I’ve got on a deep purple, velvet zip-up shirt with piping and a long purple velvet skirt with a ribbon on back to match (and they didn’t even come as a set–I’m so resourceful :). And, d’amn, I’m quite the adorable, little grape-colored mute, if I do say so myself.

Back to the living

Hi, friends. Just wanted to say thanks everyone for your concerns and wishes of good health. Other than a squeaky voice and getting tired a bit more easily, I’m practically back to normal. I’m doing another run through of my slide show today. This time, for friends. Hopefully, with enough hot lemon water and honey on hand, my voice will hold out.

Hooray for pharmaceuticals

I must be feeling better because I’m getting a little stir crazy. 3 books, 1 movie, 2 episodes of Seinfeld, and lots of naps later and tonight’s entertainment is going to be loading up the kitty on cat nip and watching the evening unfold.


Sho’ nuf. I’ve got strep. Which, as far as I’m concerned, is better than having the flu. At least, this is gonna go away quickly with anitbiotics. So, I’m quarantined until noon tomorrow. Thanks to for a constant supply of Stephanie Plum novels. I finished #5 last night and started #6 this morning.

Home. Sick.

Stayed home from work today. And in some sort of cosmic sympathy, my internet is sick today too. Which also means my phone is out. And since there’s nothing on daytime TV that doesn’t make me want to shoot myself, I’ve mostly been sleeping and sitting in a hot tub reading the #4 Stephanie Plum murder. Blessedly, the oogies have not moved much into my sinuses. So, I can reasonably enjoy the rest.

For some strange reason, I have a craving for ravioli.