Cheerer Uppers

For my own future reference, it is hard for me to feel despondent when …
(1) I’m holding an ice cream cone.
(2) I’m wearing a finger puppet.
(3) The “Sound of Music” is on TV.
(4) I’m watching my dog chase rabbits in his sleep.

What does it for you?


3 thoughts on “Cheerer Uppers

  1. Ooh I LOVE this! Ok, for me, it’s hard to feel despondent when:

    1 – Listening to or watching almost any Muppet song or sketch (with the exception of It’s Not Easy Being Green and a few others)

    2 – My cats are giving me love

    3 – Watching The Daily Show

    4 – Somewhere in the journey of a booked acting job/in the throes of one of those magical performances

  2. Re: #1

    The first day of stiltwalking at the Soda Shop this summer, I came up with this “slogan” re: ice cream:

    “Ice cream makes your day better” (imagine a perky, pony-tailed 8′ tall soda jerk piping in)

    and a slight variation:

    “Ice cream: scientifically proven to make your day better!” (It can be expanded to include references to anecdotal evidence as well as the completely non-scientific poll I took of everyone who walked out of the soda shop that day… Oh, the things a performer will do to create a bit…)

    Hard to feel despondent when:
    1) holding an ice cream cone (excellent choice, I had to copy it)
    2) hanging out with BennyBoo and CuddleBug (the President and Vice President of the Bananadiameter Fan Club and my 2 favorite people under the age of 5)
    3) physically active — riding a bike, rollerblading, even riding a roller coaster

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