Out With the Old

BTW, part of the cleaning I was doing was to get all my books in one place. Turns out I have so many really interesting religion, psychology, and philosophy books now that I’m running out of shelf space. I had forgotten how many great books I have and still have to read and I just got so excited thumbing through the spines again. It made me wonder what in the hell I’m doing watching so much fucking TV. I mean, I won’t really be missing out on life if I stop watching “Sex in the City”. True?

Anyway, I took one hard look at the folders of my remaining undergraduate, graduate, and professional computer science notes, tests, and projects taking up all of that precious bottom shelf space. And then I chucked all but my operating systems notes and my thesis project. (That’s several years worth of late nights and intense study now regretlessly in the dumpster.)

So, some part of me is pretty sure that I’m headed in a new direction and won’t be needing that stuff anymore. Seems I’m hanging on by a couple of finger nails now.


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