I got pegged by a high heel last night at the Labor Tango Festival outdoor milonga. They played a couple of swing numbers and people got a little wild and took up more than the usual tango space for their moves. Getting a heel planted in your foot happens a lot on a crowded dance floor (or planting your heel in someone else’s–ooops). It just happens. But, in tango, the follower general keeps her weight on the ball of her foot and only gradually rolls back through her heel, so accidents like this are usually reversed before any serious damage is done. Not so in swing. Things move so fast and the steps are so big that you gotta plant 100% of your weight as soon as your foot reaches the ground.

Someone in high heels did that last night except that my left foot–more specifically, the spot where the tarsal and metatarsals meet–was already in that space. Ahem. I heard a little pop inside when her heel came down. And, after a few seconds, I hobbled off the floor.

The good news is that I was dancing with a doctor. He did a little test to see if it was seriously broken. At worst, a bone is splintered. I did as the doctor ordered and iced it on and off the rest of the night. And a Reiki person came over and gave me a treatment for a half an hour or more. (What a generous, little community we have!) This morning, I redid the doc’s test and those movements don’t make it hurt. But my foot has a deep ache, the spot is swollen, and it loathes to be touched today.

I guess no more tango for a few days for me. Harumph. I think I earned a tango badge-of-honor or something though. 🙂


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