For Those of You That Meditate …

I’ve got some questions for you. I notice, for myself, that my interest in and commitment to meditation changes depending on my inner circumstances. When I am suffering in some way, I meditate more (which for me means taking time out from the normal flow of my life, sitting still, cutting out as much outer noise as possible, and working with my attention in a particular way). On the other hand, when I am feeling lots of joy and expansion in my waking life, I tend to do more present moment awareness practices (which have to do with feeling into the oneness and connectedness that is accessible to me in the normal flow of life). But there are so many different ways to meditate and work with suffering and oneness and intentional attention focus. So, I’m curious …

1. If you meditate, why? What motivates you?

2. Are you inspired more by philosophy (a theory or idea) or by experience (like an attempt to repeat an inner experience)?

3. What, if any, imagery do you rely on to help you meditate?

4. Can you tell me anything about the journey you go through while you meditate (like, in a single sitting)? Or, across multiple sittings, have you noticed common patterns in what you experience inwardly?

5. What kind of shift do you notice in yourself after a sitting? (Might be subtle or profound, probably depending on the particular sitting. Just anything you want to share.)

Feel free to answer any or all. Thanks.

Race for the Cure

This Sunday at the crack of dawn, I’m headed down to Denver to walk with thousands of folks in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to raise money and awareness in the fight against breast cancer. I’ll be walking with a team of people supporting a friend of mine who was recently diagnosed with a pretty advanced version of it and is now participating in a clinical trial. I personally have had problems on and off with fibrous cysts in my breasts since age 18. So, breast cancer is something that I personally have had to keep an eye out for. There was a bit of a scary episode there in my 20’s when a doc wanted to biopsy me (since I was too young for a mammogram). But I then I discovered non-Western medicine and have had good luck managing any recurrences with acupuncture.

Anyway, breast cancer is a personal issue for me. If you’d like to support me by helping me raise some moola for the cause, you can donate here. Anything helps.