Aw, shucks.

So, today I met Kyan Douglas (the beauty expert from the “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” show), and he complimented me on my outfit. (I was standing near the finish line at the AIDS walk, waiting for my friend to get back from the port-o-potty, and I saw him staring at me or maybe just in my direction. So, I smiled at him and took it as a sign that this was my opportunity to finally get to tell him what a warm and gentle person he always has seemed to me.)

Now, I try not to be too vain. I know I’m a wardrobe hound, but I try to relate to it as a form of self-expression and not use it for compliment-fishing. But I have to say, his comment felt so COOL that I had to stop myself from squealing like a teenage girl to my friend afterward. I mean, ohmigod, the beauty expert from the show that inspired me to put in bamboo floors, remodel my living room, and paint an accent wall red liked my outfit.

Calming down now. 🙂


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