Everything OK

Hi, all. I’ll keep this short because I’m sitting in an internet cafe that is hotter than hell and has a slow line.

In the good news dept, the tour group showed, I’m having fun, and I like my kiwi roomie (as well as just about everyone else). In the bad news department, I took a stroll on my own one afternoon and got harrassed for sex by two young men on a motorbike. I hate it when stereotypes prove themselves true. (So many women warned me before I left about sexual harrassment and violence in India, which is one of the reasons I opted for a tour. So disappointing to see my reasoning justified.) Anyway, I gave him the bird and the most evil look I have ever mustered and got myself back fast into a more crowded place and took the first rickshaw back to the hotel. When I was younger that stuff would scare me more. This time, it just pissed me off and I spent an hour back in my hotel room steaming mad and trying to calm down. Sam (Sameer), the tour leader has been outstanding in every way, and, of his own accord, took it up with the local authorities who promised to up security in that area of town. Overall, I’m glad I’m with a group and this one in particular.

I’m done with Udaipur and Ranakpur and Behnswara. Now, I’m in Jailsalmer. Tomorrow, camel safari and overnight in the desert. Ye gods, it is raining down my back; it is so hot. And this isn’t even summer time here! At least I’m out of the humidity.



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