The Flow of Life

So, I forgot to tell you about the Texan. At the swanky hotel in Pune, I saw oodles of Westerners. Mostly business men, but some tourists. I never felt like making conversation. But by the end of last week, I was starting to feel a little lonely. (Not sad, but I just noticed that I was eager to hear a familiar accent and share a common sense of humor and conversational flow.)

Anyway, a few days before, I noticed this guy in the lobby. He could have been just like every other Westerner male face that went past my radar, except that when we made eye contact, his face totally changed. He lit up and damn if he didn’t have those twinkly eyes. Now, I know enough to know that when I find that in a person, it indicates that there is some reason that we should at least talk. But I was tired and he was on his way out and I let it go, feeling warm all the way up the elevator that I shared “a moment” with someone. By Thursday night, I was wishing for company and regretting that I didn’t stop and make conversation the guy, at least to see if there was any connection there. Alas, I was to eat one of my last meals in Pune alone, again. “Oh well, *shrug*,” she says. Then, as I was standing in the lobby, waiting for the tailor delivery, the twinkly-eyed Texan walked right up the stairs and headed my direction!

I mean, what timing. I just L-O-V-E love it when life just *works*. I mean, at that point, for all I cared, he could have been a complete dufus. The real treat was in the synchronicity. I was thinking of the stranger and the stranger appeared. It’s moments like that that I feel like The Universe waves at me and says with a wink, “Just wanted to say ‘hi’.” šŸ™‚ I feel so looked after.

So, I flirted with the guy. He flirted back. Turns out we had both been in Pune for the same amount of time, both doing software training stuff, but because he worked the night shift for a call center, we had missed each other until the day before he was to leave. Damn. But we made a breakfast date. It was fun. I soaked up his southern accent and his twinkly eyes. He was kind and easy to talk to, but a bit ham-handed in the seduction department, and, as seems usual, in these situations I did a lot of listening and he did a lot of talking. Although he made no secret of his attraction to me, he didn’t leave me with his phone number or email, which probably simply means he’s married. (Yes, the girl can be taught! šŸ™‚

No harm, no foul. Sometimes it’s fun just to flirt. I went to work with a smile on my face and my integrity intact and confirmation that there is order in the chaos.


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