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India Pics

I’m still sorting through the explosion that was my suitcase. I have, however, shuffled through my 700+ pics and, fortunately for you, pared them down to the top 200. 🙂

You can peruse them here.

The copies on the photobucket site are about a quarter of the originals (so I could squeeze more on the web). If you see something that you want a closer look at, lemme know and I’ll email you the original.

Something In the Air

You ever have one of those runs of experiences that seem oddly connected? I mean, like all of the sudden a particular theme keeps popping up in random places in your life. So much more so than usual that you have to stop and ask yourself: WTF? I remember a stretch of days, one summer in Michigan, of strange animal behavior and occurrences. Unusually frequent wild animal sitings. Too many dead deer. My car colliding with a swarm of bees, flying north on I-69 South.

Lately, it’s the big ‘C’. Yup, cancer. Last year, a friend of mine. Then, two of my mom’s friends. And, all of the sudden, this summer, my dad’s brother, a co-worker, a business associate of my housemate, my friend’s brother-in-law, another friend’s wife, and, now, I hear an LJ friend’s mom has it too. There have been others lately too, but my memory can’t place all of the mentions of them now.

My mom once suggested that such strange occurrences were no more frequent than usual and I had just become more sensitized to noticing them, but I’m not so sure. There are those that would call me superstitious, but statistical probability as an explanation doesn’t have the emotional/intuitive resonance for me that such a situation demands. I tend to believe instead that, for whatever unexplained reason, there is a ripple of synchronicity on the surface of life, where something otherwise unseen builds to a point that it gets suddenly expressed on a mass scale.

Sometimes such series of things pass through my life and then fade off without bringing any sort of insight into the nature of the cosmos or even my temporary existence. I don’t presume to know what this latest one means, but it has got my notice. Something is in the air, and it doesn’t smell so nice.

God bless, friends. I pray that life always gives you and I at least what we need to grow and never any more than we can handle.

Aw, shucks.

So, today I met Kyan Douglas (the beauty expert from the “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” show), and he complimented me on my outfit. (I was standing near the finish line at the AIDS walk, waiting for my friend to get back from the port-o-potty, and I saw him staring at me or maybe just in my direction. So, I smiled at him and took it as a sign that this was my opportunity to finally get to tell him what a warm and gentle person he always has seemed to me.)

Now, I try not to be too vain. I know I’m a wardrobe hound, but I try to relate to it as a form of self-expression and not use it for compliment-fishing. But I have to say, his comment felt so COOL that I had to stop myself from squealing like a teenage girl to my friend afterward. I mean, ohmigod, the beauty expert from the show that inspired me to put in bamboo floors, remodel my living room, and paint an accent wall red liked my outfit.

Calming down now. 🙂

while I was out

My company had a health fair and we were all awarded “stepping meters” as exercise incentives. The manual reads as follows:

(1) This stepping meter can only count correctly under the flat plant.
(2) Under the following condition, the stepping meter can't count correctly:
    (i)   Moon Walking, Wearing Sandal
    (ii)  When walking in the tricky condition.
    (iii) Vibration without walking
(3) The stepping meter can be reset by pressing "Reset" Button. 

I want to know how to walk in the tricky condition under the flat plant. Can anyone help me out here, please?

King-sized mattress for sale

The mattress was purchased, mostly to satisfy my–at the time–boyfriend’s sleeping softness preferences. A year or so later, we split up and, since I had more of a stable life and squatter’s rights on the house, I got the mattress.

I was surprised on my recent travels in India to discover that even though I was mostly sleeping on thick, foam pads layered on particle board, I was able to sleep comfortably on my back and waking up with fewer back problems than I usually have at home on my cushy, pillow top number. So, I’m selling my mattress and going the foam route.

King-sized pillow top mattress with box springs: $300 OBO.

It was high-end sleeping technology when I bought it. Now, it’s 10 years old, but in decent condition as it has been rotated and flipped regularly and mostly been slept on by a single woman and her 25-pound cocker spaniel. Not lumpy or sagging. Has not been used as a trampoline. A couple of faded, old pet stains, but I assure you, it’s sanitary and you’ll quickly forget that they are even there.

If you are local and interested, come check it out and make me an offer. I am eager to make space for the new, more modest arrangements.

Denver AIDS walk

Hi, friends. The jet lag is wearing off and I’m just tickled to be back at my most favorite place on the planet: my home town. I’m loving Boulder and the Denver area more than ever these days, partly for the environment and landscape, and a lot because of the people and the community here.

As some of you may or may not know, I used to volunteer as an AIDS buddy at the Southern Colorado AIDS project. It was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life and ended up as the turning point for me onto a path of cultivating meaning and joy in the simplicity of life.

This Sunday, I’ll be joining other Coloradans in Denver’s annual AIDS walk. If any of you would like to join me, you can sign up here. I’d love the company. Or if you want to donate/pledge, go here.


Jiggety Jog

Home again. Ahhhhhhhhhh. The trip home went off without a hitch. Had pizza, wine, lots of laughs, and a show-and-tell with my housie, , and . My pets are just fine and seem to have forgiven my absence and we all can’t wait to cuddle together tonight. It’s great to be reminded how wonderfully cozy my little house is and how much love I have in my life. I’m looking forward to all of the art framing and hanging in the coming weeks, to long, hot showers, to the end of diarrhea, and the beginning of a whole new level of gratitude.

Mom and Dad, I’ll call you tomorrow. Can’t wait to show you my spoils and share my stories.