Ganesh rocks.

Went to the big Ganesh temple in Pune this morning and was just unexpectedly moved to tears of joy and gratitude. I love it when God sneaks up on me like that.

One of the shirtless guys in orange pants tending the altar obviously could tell I was into it. He motioned for me to come up to the altar, marked my forehead, placed an orange scarf around my neck, and gave me some prasad (blessed candy). So generous and kind.

Ganesh, the elephant god, is the mover of obstacles and he has been good to me in my life. And, right now, I feel blessed indeed.


5 thoughts on “Ganesh rocks.

    • It was called Tagrusit (sp?) and is downtown on Laxmi road. I visited Parvati Hill as well. Quite a site (and some good exercise climbing the nearly 100 long steps to the top). The architectural layout is similar among the community temples. But since Tagrusit is very popular and is on the busiest street in Pune (sometimes so crowded it’s hard for cars to get through for all of the pedestrians), it doesn’t have the panormic views these pics show, nor the space to circumabulate freely (as is ritual). However, what it foregos in grand location it makes up for gold and adornment.

      Thanks for the photos!

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