looking adventurous yet glamorous

I’m leaving in two days for a 6-week trip to India. I’m so excited I hardly need sleep. Today, in preparation, I went to the beauty parlor to have my monthly leg waxing, eyelash dying, and eye brow dying. Especially important this month because I don’t want to be dealing with make up and razors while I’m trying to travel light and be free spirited. So, this month, I decided to get my pits waxed too.

Let …
Me …
Tell …
You …


Hey Zeus Cree Stay, that really hurt. I’ll be busting out my first aid kit early and putting neosporin on those babies tonight.


8 thoughts on “looking adventurous yet glamorous

  1. Dude, I wanted to mail you some reading material, but it’s not going to get there in time. Instead, here’s wishing that interesting and timely books will magically cross your path.

    And the other intendeds will be waiting for you when you come back.

    PS Sorry about the owie.

    • No problem. Thanks for the thought! I look forward to them when I get back. I picked up an epic novel to read and maybe I should grab a copy of Foucault’s Pendulum too since it was haunting me lately.

      BTW, for the record, a Hepatitis B vaccine shot hurts less than getting my pits waxed.

  2. YOWZA.

    I’m almost so excited for you I can’t sleep either.

    Will you be bale to make posts from there? If I have to wait 6 weeks for a recap I’ll ‘splode!

    • You bet. Since I work for a computer company, I’ll have my laptop with me and be wired to the internet for the first three weeks (albeit I’ll be 12 1/2 hours ahead of you in time zones). After that, it’ll be whenever I get off the camel and find an internet cafe.

      I’ll be back on US time on August 16. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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