Can Anyone Say “Hack Job”?

I gave blood 3 hours ago and, since I’m usually allergic to band aids, I took the wrap off so I wouldn’t get a rash. And, bah! It’s still bleeding! Can you believe it? I swabbed it with alcohol and saw the hole. It’s big. Or bigger than what I’m used to seeing for these things.

Since the blood was coming out so slowly when I was laying there this afternoon, they tried to reposition the needle a couple of times. One of the last things the phlebotomist said to me was “Um, you might get a pretty big bruise there tomorrow. Give us a call if it concerns you.”



One thought on “Can Anyone Say “Hack Job”?

  1. Oh yuck. I can sympathize. I have a blood panel done every once in awhile to make sure I’m not going anemic or anything else icky, and they always complain about not being able to find my veins.

    Seriously, people…. it’s not that hard. I used to work as a vet tech, and if I can hit a vein on a kitten, you can hit a vein on me. I always seem to come out looking like a heroin junkie regardless. Blah.

    : p

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