digital camera shopping – help!

I think I’m ready to take my next step into the economy of intangible goods. Yes, I want a digital camera. But, as a full-time technodweeb, I’m tired of learning about knobs and levers and, personally, I can’t think of anything more life-sucking than comparison shopping.

Somebody please just tell me what to buy. Anyone have recommendations? I’m not attached to getting the cheapest deal possible, but still I’d like to keep it under $300-ish.


9 thoughts on “digital camera shopping – help!

  1. what do you want… point and shoot or something more advanced? I have a Fuji Finepix 2800Zoom. Fuji has the best OPTICAL zoom I’ve seen on the market.. and optical zoom is what you want more of. mine was about $300 back in 2002 or 2003. The thing I learned to hate was the wait time between taking pictures and the wait time between turning it on and being able to shoot… that’s one of the main reasons I’m moving up to a digital SLR. I like the Fuji… the nikon’s are supposed to be good and the canon’s are ok… I don’t like the elph series much. my fuji is a bit bulkier, but I’ve taken some sweet shots with it… That and it uses AA’s…. some people think this is bad… but get some lithium rechargeable batteries and a charger at sam’s club and you’re good to go….

    • Definitely, I want no-brainer photography. I’m not ready for creating masterpieces. I haven’t even owned a film camera for a few years. I mostly want to take decent pictures of my dog and cat and other personal things. Oh, yeah, and of me in my tango dresses … because that kind of hot-ness should not go unwitnessed. 🙂

      Thanks for the info! (And for stopping by. Nice to see a new face. 🙂

    • Damn. I bought the camera before I saw this. Got a good deal on the web. So, it should be here in a few days! If you are interested in a shopping spree sometime, I always love to have girlfriends with me shopping for clothes. Ever go to Rags to Riches? They have great stuff for cheap. Lemme know if you want to cruise the racks together!

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