Creating Sacred Space

Today was a beautiful day for a much needed drive. Lately, I’ve been going to introductory talks sponsored by the University of Denver Religious Studies dept on various religions at religious sites in the area. Today was one at the Hindu temple in Southwest Denver, about an hour’s drive away, near where I used to go biweekly for Jungian dream analysis training.

The drive took me along the tall, rocky, brown foothills, and I had the car windows down to smell the warm air and feel the sun on my body. There’s something about moving on an open road that’s very calming to me. It speaks of possibility and vision. It takes me out of my rut and my little neighborhood. I can feel it as I move, mile upon mile, working on my brain, expanding my field of vision, relaxing my eyes back into my head. Today’s route also brought back a feeling of fondness for that time I was in the training and the sense of meaning and depth and connectedness to the unknown that it added to my life. Meandering thoughts on sacred space, cognitive psychology, and the relationship of the ego to religious life

Can Anyone Say “Hack Job”?

I gave blood 3 hours ago and, since I’m usually allergic to band aids, I took the wrap off so I wouldn’t get a rash. And, bah! It’s still bleeding! Can you believe it? I swabbed it with alcohol and saw the hole. It’s big. Or bigger than what I’m used to seeing for these things.

Since the blood was coming out so slowly when I was laying there this afternoon, they tried to reposition the needle a couple of times. One of the last things the phlebotomist said to me was “Um, you might get a pretty big bruise there tomorrow. Give us a call if it concerns you.”