As long as I’m dreaming …

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Everybody has a list. I’m no exception. Thought that I’d write mine down so that I wouldn’t forget the next time I fall in love with someone that’s not good for me ….

  • Good sense of humor. Laughs easily. Especially at himself.
  • Has a sense of purpose that I can back.
  • Easy going. Not especially defensive.
  • Gets a kick out of the little things in life, or at least appreciates that I do.
  • Intelligent, introspective, compassionate.
  • Just physically fit and health conscious enough to show he’s got some self-respect.
  • Doesn’t outsource his emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs.
  • A little impulsive and open-ended and likes how grounded I make him feel.
  • Introvert, with a pinch of geek.
  • Enjoys sex but also enjoys being physically affectionate without using it to push for sex.
  • Shares my values. (hand waving here.)
  • Healthy dose of existential angst.

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