A Scrapbook of Shadows

Defining moments and not so pleasant images of the past as seen through eyes of the moment …

* The Letter ‘Q’ (Age 3)
* One Ringy Dingy, Two … (Age 4-ish to maybe 8)
* Hauntings (Age 4 to maybe 11)
* A Counting Game (Age 3 or 4)
* The Emmena (Age 3 or 4)
* Instructions (Age 3 or 4)
* A Year Apart (Age Four)
* Joanna, Susannah, something (Age Five-ish)
* Purple Wings (Age Five or Six)
* No Question (Age Five)
* School Bell (Age Six)
* Cry Baby (Age Six?)
* A Tree-Climbing Day (Age Five? Six? Seven?)
* Change (Age Eight)
* Splinters (Age Eight)
* Writing With a Blue Pen (Age Eight)
* My Reflection (Age 12)
* Always Watching (Age 26)

Did all of this stuff happen exactly like I said? Who knows. But, nonetheless, these are my memories.


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