in 100 words or less

My old women’s a capella group is having their 10th anniversary concert soon here in Boulder and invited its former members back for a little reunion concert. I went to rehearsal tonight for the first time in over four years and saw lots of loving, familiar faces. It was fabulous fun catch up with great people and to jump in and join the sistahs in making beautiful music together. No rehearsal necessary, we all fell back into it like we had never been apart.

They asked us returnees to give the little update on what we’ve been up to since we left and I thought y’all might like to hear it too.

Since Fall 2000 …
* Had a fabulously intense and tragic love affair
* Had a spiritual crisis (which, combined with #1, made for very messy business)
* Discovered that this once avowed skeptic (yours truly) is actually a very spiritual person, which is exactly what a lot of these women had been trying to tell me for the 5 years before
* Participated and got some training in Jungian dream analysis
* Participated in vocal music therapy for 2 years
* Lost weight, stopped wearing baggy pajamas for clothes, got femmy, grew in my very short hair and it came back curly!
* Went to graduate school in depth psychology and am now writing my thesis on loneliness and working with longing
* Worked for a year as a volunteer therapist in the county mental health clinic treating adults with major mental illness (primarily personality disorders and PTSD)
* All the while, managing to stay employed as a software engineer (programmer) at my same, old job (9 years now)

If you visit the Sound Circle page, points for you if you can recognize me with short hair. There is a very unflattering photo of me in the recording studio wearing long johns with my shirt tails stuffed into a ball in my waist band to keep them out of the way. I was doing body percussion and singing, and the body percussion sound wasn’t coming through over my pants. So, I stripped to my undies for the take.


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