You Want to Hear Something Sweet?

I put together a sort of last minute “Holiday Leftovers” potluck last night so that my folks could meet some more of my friends and so we could have a little variety in our time together. I had no idea if anyone would show up or not; it was such short notice and a lot of people are out of town, but 11 of us turned out with a couple of short drop-ins.

Anyway, on her way to bed last night, my mom hugs me and says, “I’m so proud of you.” I gave her a quizical look and she elaborated that everyone at the party had, at some point, made a point of telling my parents how special I was and how I had affected their lives. Mom looked teary-eyed and happy.

Now, that feels nice. I am humbled. Thanks, dear friends, for noticing and for caring enough about me to want my parents to feel proud and pleased too.


4 thoughts on “You Want to Hear Something Sweet?

  1. Extreme coolness. I’m not even a little bit surprised that your friends would be thrilled to have the opportunity to hang with you, even on short notice, and that they would think that you’re an amazing person who betters the lives of those she touches. But it is extremely cool that your inner circle each have the class and grace to express that to your mamita.

  2. update

    Just got a call from my parents … they got home safe and sound. Mom said that she loved all her gifts but that the best Christmas present was hearing my friends tell her what a great person I am. I’m awfully lucky.

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