Sesquipedalians Anonymous

I find myself at a loss today for vocabulary to aggrandize my grandiloquence. In the spirit of the season of giving, anyone have a $10 word to offer me for free … ?

Thanks in advance to clarsa for the word sesquipedalian. That made my whole weekend.


9 thoughts on “Sesquipedalians Anonymous

  1. A popular word around here is “defenestration” or “defenestrate”, but it’s a bit hard to work into the conversation. It means to throw something out the window. (French “fenetre”)

  2. I get the word a day…

    Last week they had a million dollar word for bald, but I didn;t use it so I lost it.

    this week it’s epynyms–Crispin is shoes (for St. Crispin and his brother St. Crispinus, shoemakers turned martyrs)

    You could start talking about quarks and superpositioning? Plantegenet’s theory of possible worlds that is now supported by quantum mechanics?

    • But didn’t that get us into a bluster over the distinctions between ubiquitous, insidious, pernicious, and insipid? How about “obfuscation”? How’s that for the perfect high scorer?

  3. perhaps not a 10 dollar word,

    but one that is from the backwoods section of our language.

    Moil \MOYL\, intransitive verb:
    1. To work with painful effort; to labor; to toil; to drudge.
    2. To churn or swirl about continuously.

    I find words that have fallen out of colloquial use fascinating. (hrmmmm colloquial.. there’s a good one!).

  4. A $10 proper noun, at any rate

    Epimetheus is the brother of Prometheus. Notice the prefix at the beginning of each name. Prometheus was in the habit of considering the consquences before committing himself to action. Furthermore, Epimetheus was married to Pandora. Yes, That Pandora ™. As one-half of his two-part revenge against Prometheus (for giving fire to mortals), Zeus gave a gift – a beautiful carved wooden box – to the happy couple. Prometheus warned them never to accept a gift from Zeus, but they did, and you already know what happened when Pandora opened that box…

  5. Sesquipedalians Anonymous

    Kakistocracy: government by the least qualified or least principled people (as in the United States).

    “Thought Criminal” from

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