Bah! Christmas Panic.

The ‘rents in the spontaneity of retirement left a message for me last night saying they are leaving in the morning and should be arriving chez moi sometime between Monday and Wednesday (depending how often they feel like stopping and hanging out at various places). Uh. OK, so I need to clean-the-house-finish-shopping-finish-decorating-wrap-presents-hide-the-sex-toys-plan-the-meals-and-do-the-grocery-shopping this weekend (which starts tonight). Just one or two little things. Heh. Nothing like procrastination.

Ho ho ho!


One thought on “Bah! Christmas Panic.

  1. haha, oooh I know how you feel .. I always procrastinated before the ‘rents showed up. Just minutes before they arrived I was shoving stuff in the closets that I should have cleaned up days before they arrived. I even spent the week before eating on paper plates so I wouldn’t have to worry about hurrying to do dishes .. haha, I’m LAZY!!

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