funny money

Is it just me or is anyone else rattled by this automated check withdrawal system? I’m used to writing a check and then giving it to someone. Here, gas stations are starting to run it through a little machine and then just give it back to me. What in the heck am I supposed to do with it? Do I keep it, throw it away, frame it? The little piece of paper feels too sacred to be left in my care. I prefer to live in complete ignorance of what banks usually do with it. Some small part of me knows that they make a microfilm copy and then shred it. But I prefer to fantasize that somehow my money is so important that my invalidated checks are all kept in a highly secure vault somewhere underground in Montana. Yes, I bet there is a whole killer guard dog devoted to protecting my refuse.

Sometimes, I am so slow to change.


4 thoughts on “funny money

  1. Guess what, it gets worse…

    Now there is an entirely new dimension to identity theft. All someone has to do is take the processed check and present it again.

    Or, if you are an employee of the store, you just re-do the check with the next check number and it runs through.

    What is also fun is they have changed the rules to “I get your money in next to no time, I don’t give your money out for the standard 5 days, and I now get 5 days of interest.” Along with the increased bank fees for late charges and bounced checks.

    Don’t get me started…

  2. National Bank of Self

    What I’ve always liked about checks is that they are like money that you issue yourself. “Guaranteed by the Nation of Topher.” Now, in the name of convenience, I can present a piece of plastic for goods, which the vendor gives back to me, apparently unchanged. Money, post silver (or gold) standard, has been a matter of trust, a matter of prestidigitation, but now, without a physical transfer, even the illusion of barter is lost.

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